If you have no teeth or missing teeth, we perform implant dental treatment on the same day.

Hollywood Smile
Smile Design
Digital Dentistry
All dental treatments

Offering advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services in all fields of oral and dental health , our hospital uses modern and advanced modalities for all dental treatments.

Preventive Denistry
Modern therapeutic procedures in the field of preventive denistry aim restoring teeth by coreecting forms of teeth that impair due to congenital and acquired diseases , re-gaining functionality and aesthateic measures by suppressing recurrence of the pathology

Getting A Perfect Smile Is Actually Easy!
With Hollywood Smile, it is much easier to renew and have an aesthetic appearance for those who are bothered by excessively visible gums or are bored with the appearance of their teeth. Thin ceramics to be adhered only on the teeth not only allow you to have aesthetic teeth, but also protect the tooth surfaces from effects such as breakage, decay and abrasion.

  • First of all, the tooth and jaw structure is revealed and a model is created for the teeth.
  • The ideal tooth form is created through the computer.
  • Tooth prototypes are created in line with the received data.
  • Prototypes are attached to the teeth of the person and it is checked how the teeth stand. The person who is satisfied with these prototypes is completed with real teeth in 7-10 days.

It is a branch that deals with the reorganization of the oral and dental region in terms of health and aesthetics. It aims to design the ideal personal smile in a healthy and natural way.

  • For a successful result, it is important that the application is carried out in a full-fledged clinic by specialist physicians.

Whether it is zirconium or porcelain tooth coating, the main point to be considered here is that the coating is long-lasting. Because it provides an aesthetic appearance and is beneficial for the gums, zirconium dental crowns are more preferred.

Zirconium veneers, named after six building materials, are designed and produced with computer support. In zirconium veneers, it is very important to prepare the veneer appropriately for the teeth to be applied.

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