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Sleeve vs Bypass Surgery

Sleeve is good for people who don’t snack but eat too large a portion of food at mealtimes. Provided, of course, if you don’t have acid reflux. Reflux can develop in anyone after a sleeve but if you have it already it can make it worse. Sleeve works primarily through restriction so you cannot eat large portions. It only provides restriction when you eat healthy food like protein and fibrous fruit and vegetables. It will not give restriction if you eat slider foods.

Bypass is good for people who eat large portions but also tend to snack a lot. The reason for this is that bypass offers both restriction of large portions but also malabsorption of calories. In other words, you do not absorb all the calories you eat. You are more likely to dump with bypass than sleeve due to the bypassing of 1 metre of your intestine. Some people say they dump with sleeve and I guess it’s possible but many confuse the symptoms of eating too fast, eating too much or eating too big a mouthful with those of dumping and it’s not dumping at all. However, doing any of the three things I’ve mentioned can make you feel pretty miserable all the same. Rny bypass is also used to cure acid reflux.

Weight regain with either op is possible but less so with bypass due to the malabsorption element of the procedure.

Mini bypass is similar to rny bypass only the single join (in contrast with the double join in the rny) can also cause acid reflux. More of the intestine is bypassed with the mini making weight regain even less of a risk than rny bypass.

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